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The conflict which engulfed Libya in 2011 saw a high level of urban and semi-urban fighting, causing significant damage to public and private housing and infrastructure. The conflict caused wide displacement ; there was an urgent need for the humanitarian community to respond through humanitarian assistance, as well as to prepare the ground for the post conflict recovery.

The Libyan crisis was characterized by limited availability of information and challenges in humanitarian coordination. This was largely a result of the nature of the crisis, and the related issues around accessibility and context volatility. REACH was deployed in Libya in May 2011 to organize rapid assessments and categorization of infrastructure damage as conflict passed through highly urban and populated areas. In partnership with OCHA and a number of clusters, REACH produces humanitarian maps on conflict affected areas which have been widely used by aid agencies and aid coordination structures. To facilitate dissemination of key information REACH set up dedicated information and mapping centers in Benghazi and Misrata as well as, more recently, in Tripoli.

In partnership with the Shelter cluster, REACH has engaged in an assessment of all shelters damaged by conflict in Libya, the findings of which are to be highlighted in a dedicated report and interactive web map. In late 2011 REACH has also begun a partnership with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education in order to assess and map all schools in Libya, contributing to fill the information vacuum that is impeding planning and reconstruction. In partnership with UNHCR, REACH has also completed the first phase of a shelter damage assessment covering Misrata and Ajdabya, the findings of which are available on a dedicated web map.


To access all of REACH products made in Libya, please visit REACH Resource Centre.