REACH releases its 2015 Activity Report

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REACH just released its 2015 Activity Report, providing an overview of the work conducted by REACH teams in 2015 across 17 countries.
reach annual report

The report provides example of assessments, monitoring and evaluation activities coordinated and implemented by REACH under its three pillars: 1. Planning in emergencies 2. Understanding displacement and 3. Accessing community resilience.

In 2015 alone, REACH teams informed decision and policy makers in over 17 countries in crisis, by producing 561 maps, 155 Factsheets, 65 reports, 22 Situation Overviews, 12 Web Maps and 5 Interactive Dashboards.

These products directly informed key humanitarian milestones, such as the Humanitarian Needs Overviews and Humanitarian Response Plans in Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Ukraine, Nepal, Vanuatu and Jordan, as well as cluster and agency-specific response plans.

We would like to thank our donors and partners for the support and joint efforts throughout 2015, which allowed us to provide strong evidence as a basis for more efficient coordination and delivery of aid.