Somalia: REACH and WASH Cluster conduct Water Price Monitoring in Gedo Region

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Gedo Photo Map for article

Over the past six months, REACH has supported the data collection and monitoring of water prices in Gedo region in Somalia. The initiative was developed within the framework of REACH’s global partnership with the Global WASH Cluster (GWC), with the aim to develop a reliable system for robust data collection and reporting on water prices in areas experiencing cumulative and/or prolonged drought conditions.

REACH started developing data collection tools and methodologies in July 2016, while mobilising 10 WASH Cluster partners to play an active role in data collection. Based on the tools, REACH conducted a training of partner organisations, which have been collecting data on a monthly basis over the past 6 months, ensuring strong ownership over the data collection process and the findings.

In total, 191 individual water points have been assessed on a monthly basis in the six districts of Gedo; Bardheere, Belet Xaawo, Ceel Waaq, Doolow, Garbahaarrey, and Luuq. Uncovered water sources (locally known as Burkad) are the most common type among the assessed water points in Gedo region (43%) – 16% are trucking distribution points that are also refilling water sources across the region. The data collected so far reveals a decrease in water price by 21% from July to November 2016, which could partly be explained by the start of the rainy season in October. The price of water is highest in Ceel Waaq where a 20 litre Jerry Can is sold at 234% times more than the average in the other districts in Gedo region. Water in Ceel Waaq is saline which means water has to be trucked in from other areas, resulting in higher water prices as compared to the rest of the districts in Gedo.

Moving forward, REACH will continue facilitating market monitoring activities in Somalia, expanding the coverage of partners to other areas in Somalia, which will continue enabling better coordination and delivery of aid for WASH partners in Somalia.

Access to Water Price Monitoring Factsheets can be found through the Somalia REACH Resource Centre Page.