REACH partners were first deployed to Kyrgyzstan in 2010 as part of the humanitarian response to violence in the South of the country. Ethnic clashes had resulted in approximately 2000 damaged houses as well as half a million displaced, causing significant information management challenges for humanitarian actors.

In the immediate aftermath of the crisis, REACH supported clusters and UNOCHA in assessment and information management, playing a key role in humanitarian planning and coordination. REACH partnered with the shelter cluster to facilitate an interagency assessment which enabled the identification of damaged houses and profiling of affected households. Similar assessments were conducted with the protection and early recovery clusters. Assessment findings were disseminated widely and fed directly into the consolidated appeal processes.

Following the end of the emergency REACH switched its focus to informing reconstruction, recovery and stabilization efforts in the South and other parts of Kyrgyzstan. REACH promoted conflict-sensitive planning by aid actors in the Ferghana Valley, through social economic assessments and tension mapping. REACH also supported local governments to develop assessment, monitoring and mapping tools in order to reduce the risk of disasters and increase preparedness to respond to them in the future.



Alay&Chon Alay - Meat Value Chain

The Meat Value Chain – Alay and Chan Alay RayonsMay 2013


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