Heavy rainfall between November 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 resulted in flash floods and landslides in highland areas, and widespread flooding in lowland areas. States of emergencies were called across 18 of Peru’s 24 regions, affecting an estimated total of 833,779 individuals. Among the most affected regions was the Department of Loreto, situated in the North-East of the country, where over the course of a three month period between February and April 2012, over 280,771 individuals and 59,880 shelters were affected by floods. This represented 34% of the total number of affected individuals, and 35% of the total number of affected shelters nationwide.

In support to the humanitarian response, a Shelter Cluster was activated in Peru in early June in partnership with the UN humanitarian team in Lima. REACH teams were rapidly deployed to Peru thereafter to conduct an assessment on the impact of the flooding on the shelter sector in the Loreto Region. REACH conducted a rapid shelter assessment and mapping exercise including a sample of 1,319 households. The assessment supported coordination efforts and informed the humanitarian community and national/regional stakeholders on the needs and recommended strategy for a post-emergency response.






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