Central African Republic : REACH Emergency Deployment with the Global Shelter Cluster

February 12, 2014

REACH deployed with the Global Shelter Cluster in Central African Republic to conduct a shelter assessment
Bangui - Map of the Quarters

Bangui – Map of the Quarters

Through its stand-by partnership with the Global Shelter Cluster, REACH has been deployed to Central African Republic on January 22nd, 2014 in order to facilitate a shelter cluster assessment in Bangui. With over 830,000 Internally Displaced Persons and almost half of them in the capital according to OCHA, REACH is facilitating a thorough mapping exercise of Bangui’s arrondissements and displacement sites in anticipation of the rainy season. REACH has been building on its previous experience of shelter assessment in the country in 2012, to deploy a team of assessment and GIS specialists to monitor the displacement patterns as well as the vulnerability to flooding of the current displacement sites. Such an assessment will enable the humanitarian community to inform the planning of a multi-sectoral response in urban settings.

Maps and factsheets produced by REACH are publicly available on Reliefweb and the website of the Global Shelter Cluster.

Read the latest report: “Evaluation des sites d’accueil des personnes desplacees a Bangui, April 2014”