PRESS RELEASE: REACH deploys to Mozambique to assess priority needs and scale of disaster

March 27, 2019


Number of flood inundated structures by neighbourhood in Beira, as of 19 March 2019.

Following cyclone Idai and its devastating impacts on Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, REACH has been deployed to Beira, Mozambique, to support in the humanitarian response. The team reached the country early this week and will aid in assessing the scale of the crisis and the needs of affected populations. The work of REACH will target Beira city, but is likely to expand in the coming weeks.

The deployment team consists of Vincent Annoni, REACH Global Coordinator, who will be leading the planning, implementation and coordination of the assessments. Mr Annoni is accompanied by REACH’s GIS specialist James McArthur, who will be leading mapping activities.

The below list is updated with fresh maps and information products on a rolling basis. The initial press release was published on Wednesday the 27th of March.

Sofala Province
Flood inundated areas by land cover type –

Population by neighbourhood (2017) –
Number of flood inundated structures (in English) –  
Number of flood inundated structures (in Portuguese) –    

Consolidated damage assessments by postos
Central Beira –
Manga Loforte – 

Neighbourhood damage assessments
Macuti – 
Chipangara –
Ponta Gea –
Chaimite –
Esturro –
Pioneiros –
Macurungu –
Matacuane –
Chota –
Maraza –
Mananga –
Vaz –
Munhava –
Manga Mascarenha –
Muave –
Mungassa –
Ndunda –
Alto da Manga –
Chingussura –
Inhamizua –
Matadouro –
Nhaconjo –
Vila Massane –


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