REACH deployed in Brazzaville

April 6, 2012

Thanks to ACTED, IMPACT Initiatives and UNOSAT partnerships, REACH is currently supporting the humanitarian response in Brazzaville by carrying out displacement and damage rapid assessments.

Brazzaville was hit by a series of explosions after an incident in an ammunition dump in one of the Eastern side of Brazzaville, referred to as Mpila, located on the border between Talanagaï and Ouenze urban districts on Sunday, March 4th. The explosions caused important human and material damages. Most of the Mpila area has been entirely destroyed, in particular neighborhood 54 and 59 of Ouenze district which is home to 25,343 inhabitants. Neighborhoods 51, 53 and 56 of Ouenze district and neighborhoods 61, 62, 64 of Talangaï, representing 100,374 inhabitants, have also been seriously damaged.

Check what is going on REACH interactive web map