REACH Establishes a Comprehensive Street Level Addressing System in Domiz Camp

March 13, 2014

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Domiz Camp was established in April 2012 and is by far the largest Syrian refugee camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), located in the northern Governorate of Duhok along the border with Syria. Approximately 45,000 Syrian refugees are staying at Domiz Camp. The large size of the camp and the difficulty to locate refugee households within the camp were key impediments to aid planning and delivery.


In response and in close cooperation with UNHCR and the local government, REACH established a comprehensive addressing system in Domiz Camp, naming all the streets and the twelve  quarters. Throughout the entire camp, addressing signs, in both English and Kurdish, have been placed in locations which make them easily readable for the camp residents. Every shelter in the camp has also been given a unique address, and this facilitates greatly aid delivery and case referrals within the camp.  Shelter addresses serve also as a basis for camp census allowing for individual identification of camp residents.

To read more about the situation in KRI and how REACH is contributing to better planning and delivery of assistance for Syrian refugees please browse through our latest publications or visit the Iraq country page.