REACH supports the Global Shelter Cluster in assessing IDP needs in Somalia

July 26, 2012

→ Somalia Shelter Sector Review – Final Report and Fact Sheets here.

REACH has been deployed to Somalia in July 2012 within the framework of its global partnership with the Shelter Cluster in order to support the Tri-Cluster Strategy (Shelter/NFI-Health-WASH) launched on 20th June 2012 and which aims at addressing IDPs needs in Mogadishu.

In order to give an overview of the settlements and a greater understanding of their needs, REACH, in coordination with UN-Habitat, undertakes a spatial mapping of settlements. REACH’s maps and UN-Habitat planning will be available for any agency and NGO working in these areas.

On the 1st of September 2012 the REACH coordinator arrived in Nairobi for the second phase of the Global Shelter Cluster deployment. The strategy moved from a rapid need assessment towards a detailed country wide shelter sector assessment The assessment’s target group is IDPs in stabilized and informal settlements in urban and peri-urban Somali areas. A pilot test was implemented in Mohamed Mooge IDP settlement in Hargeisa, Somaliland, from September 13th to the 14th.

After training sessions of Somali enumerators conducted during October, data collection started first in Mogadishu, followed by Somaliland, Puntland and South-central regions.

Field assessment officers  training  for IDPs camps mapping,  Mogadishu, July 2012