Libya : REACH supports the Ministry of Education in assessing school damage

August 13, 2012

The REACH team in Libya is currently finalising two projects :

  1. The nationwide school assessment project launched in November 2011 in partnership with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education, which aims at identifying, assessing and mapping all schools in Libya. The information collected will contribute to addressing critical information gaps, thereby supporting the Ministry’s strategic planning and post-crisis recovery efforts.
  2. The nationwide shelter assessment project launched in partnership with the Shelter Cluster and UNHCR. REACH teams are in the process of assessing shelter damage resulting from the 2011 crisis throughout the country. The first phase of the shelter damage assessment covering Misrata, Ajdabya and the Eastern Nafuza regions was completed in 2011, and findings are available on a dedicated web map. Assessment of remaining areas is currently ongoing with the recent completion of assessments in Sirte, and plans being developed for Bani Walid, Zawiya and the Western Nafuza regions.

The nationwide school assessment database was finalised on 11 August. Teams collected detailed information regarding a total of 4,800 schools and data analysis is currently ongoing. A draft report, a preliminary web map and all corresponding static maps will be produced early this week.

Regarding the nationwide shelter assessment project, information on the physical damage and socio-economic vulnerability of 17,000-18,000 shelters throughout conflict-affected areas has been collected. The final number will be established upon completion of data entry and verification, which is expected to take place over the next fortnight. Following stages will be the finalisation of data analysis as well as delivery of the complete datasets to the REACH team in Geneva for web mapping.