REACH presents key information on the humanitarian response in Niger

March 17, 2015

Interactive Dashboard for Diffa

Last week, REACH presented key information about the humanitarian response in Niger’s Diffa region, to an audience of over 30 government and humanitarian stakeholders. The data, collected by REACH, includes information on 3,451 ongoing humanitarian activities throughout the region, in order to improve the coordination of humanitarian assistance and identify synergies and gaps in the current response.

Niger currently hosts tens of thousands of Malian and Nigerian refugees, as well as several thousand recently internally displaced households. Following the recent extension of violence from north east Nigeria into the Diffa region of Niger, the humanitarian situation is changing dramatically. In addition to the 100,000 Nigerian refugee and Nigerien returnee population already estimated to be in the region, the recent crisis has provoked internal displacement of thousands of persons (IDPs), refugees, returnees and host population alike. With little information available about the developing humanitarian situation, it is vital to know who is operating where and doing what, and that this information is shared in a way that is easy to use.

The information collected by REACH is displayed through an interactive dashboard, which shows the “6Ws” of the humanitarian response: Who, When, for Whom, Where, What and hoW many? The data can be filtered by location, activity, donor and beneficiary population, and provides a comprehensive picture of ongoing humanitarian activities.

The project was funded by the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR, who coordinates the response of more than 50 national and international humanitarian organisations. Each operational agency contributed projects to the database, which is regularly updated to reflect the developing situation.

Explore the Niger Interactive Dashboard, or Browse the latest resources from REACH in Niger