REACH supports response to displacement crisis in Iraq

June 23, 2014

Khazir-entry-t-thumbFrom the outset of the emergency, REACH has been providing support for the relief response to the current displacement crisis in Iraq through rapid assessments, site mapping, analysis, transit sites and planning for IDP settlements. To upscale its current in-country capacity, REACH mobilized and deployed a team of assessment and GIS specialists. The REACH team is working closely with the  Information Management team of the Integrated Coordination Office for Development and Humanitarian Affairs (ICODHA) of the United Nations, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), as well as various aid actors engaged in the response to the crisis in Iraq.

The latest factsheets, profiles and reports can be viewed and downloaded below.

The REACH team in Iraq is currently focusing its support on data collection, analysis and mapping for: 1. Entry point monitoring; 2. Camp population profiling; and 3. IDP hotspot assessments. Through this three-pronged approach, REACH aims to contribute to building up as full a picture of possible as to the number, intentions, needs and vulnerabilities of displaced populations.



Kurdish Region of Iraq Entry Point Monitoring Report  21 – 26 June 2014





Duhok Governorate:
 IDP Factsheet: Amediyah  30th June 2014
 IDP Factsheet: Semel  29th June 2014
Erbil Governorate:
– IDP Factsheet: Topzawa  29th June 2014  
Ninewa Governorate:
– IDP Factsheet: Al Qosh  26th June 2014
– IDP Factsheet: Bardarash  29th June 2014
– IDP Factsheet: Bartella  30th June 2014
– IDP Factsheet: Zummar  29th June 2014
Sulaymaniyah Governorate:
– IDP Factsheet: Kalar Town  23rd June 2014
IDP Factsheet: Chamchal  29th June 2014

Additionally, REACH GIS unit is supporting ICODHA and UNHCR for the mapping, analysis and planning of displacement sites. Building on modules REACH developed for refugee camps in the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI), REACH’s approach to site planning is based on a flexible community block design that allows for an incremental approach to facility provision over time while meeting UNHCR and SPHERE standards. All REACH maps are available at

REACH products on the displacement crisis in Iraq will be regularly uploaded on this page. For more information about REACH activities in Iraq, visit our dedicated country page.