REACH supports response to Ninewa crisis, Iraq

June 12, 2014

-000Ongoing fighting in Ninewa has already displaced an estimated 500,000 people. According to recent UNHCR estimates, 300,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) have fled Mosul for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Roughly 100,000 individuals have crossed to Erbil and 200,000 individuals are in Dohuk. IDP intentions remain unclear, but information suggests that 30% are passing through towards other areas of Iraq, 70% are planning to stay in the KRI.  40% of these are estimated to be vulnerable.

Since Tuesday REACH has been producing essential maps to support efforts in response to the Ninewa crisis, in coordination with UNHCR and the Integrated Coordination Office for Development and Humanitarian Affairs (ICODHA). REACH has so far disseminated situation maps to humanitarian actors, government authorities and United Nations agencies responding to the crisis. REACH will continue to produce and update critical maps as the crisis unfolds and also plans to carry out rapid assessments of IDP profiles, intentions and assistance needs.

To read more about the situation in KRI and how REACH is contributing to better planning and delivery of assistance for Syrian refugees, visit the Iraq country page.