Vanuatu Deployment: Update from ongoing shelter assessment

April 10, 2015

In the aftermath of Severe Tropical Cyclone Pam that has struck Vanuatu on the evening of March 132015, two members of the REACH team have been deployed to support the Global Shelter Cluster response.

Data collection has focused on three main areas. At the pre-emergency level, REACH team has been recording shelter and settlements situation prior to Cyclone Pam. This has facilitated, in the immediate post-crisis, a review of emergency shelter interventions as well as gap analysis. Ongoing monitoring includes the establishment of a monitoring framework for shelter actors to measure the impact of their medium to long term recovery strategy. In this regards, REACH is notably planning a monitoring mission three months from end of the assessment, in cooperation with the Global Shelter Cluster.

So far, data collection has been completed in Efate (the most populated island, hosting the capital city Port-Vila) and surrounding islands. While rural, peri-urban, and surrounding islands are covered by REACH staff, REACH has also trained and coordinated a team of Youth Challenge Vanuatu volunteers contracted by UN-Habitat in urban Port-Vila. Furthermore, the Assessment Coordinator designated in the framework of REACH partnership with the Global Shelter Cluster will be travelling to Tanna to launch data collection in the Southern Islands during the next days.

While data collection is expected to last until the end of April 2015, some initial products — such as sample site profiles — will be released in the coming weeks. Preliminary data collected by REACH will be used for the shelter section of the World Bank Post Disaster Needs Assessment, as well as for the Government of Vanuatu-led Multi Cluster Needs Assessment.