REACH facilitating a shelter cluster assessment in Mali

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Within the framework of its partnership with the Global Shelter Cluster, REACH has been deployed in Mali in November 2012 to provide shelter assessments and IM capacity to the country cluster.

Mali is facing a multidimensional crisis, which combines droughts, floods and conflicts in the northern part of the country. Those issues led to internally displacement of 200,000 people who mainly get hosted in urban areas in the South, especially in Bamako.

REACH objectives in Mali are to understand and map displacement trends and assess Internally Displaced Persons needs. First REACH assessment will be based in Bamako and might be conducted also in Segou, Mopti and the northern regions in the future. REACH is going to provide international humanitarian community with factsheets and maps about displacement trends and needs in Malian urban areas.

First training of field assessment officers in Bamako, Mali, November 2012


→ REACH Secondary Data Review about Shelter Situation in Mali 

→ REACH maps

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