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February 2018 Libya: June – December 2017 Trends Analysis

February 2018 Ukraine: Analysis of Humanitarian Trends 

February 2018 Afghanistan: Education and Child Protection Joint Needs Assessment

February 2018 Niger: Evaluation de la situation en termes de protection de la population hote dans la region de Diffa

February 2018 Somalia: JMCNA

February 2018 Libya: MSNA

January 2018 Central African Republic (CAR): Rapid Response Mechanism Annual Dashboard

January 2018 Syria: Eastern Ghouta December Situation 

January 2018 Afghanistan: Multi-Cluster Needs Assessment: Food Security in Informal Settlements

January 2018 Libya: Migrants and refugees’ struggle to access economic resources and meet basic needs

December 2017 Nigeria: Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Baseline Assessment in Borno State

December 2017 Niger: Water, Hygiene and Sanitation KAP Assessment in Diffa (in French)

December 2017 Yemen: Inter-Agency Joint Cash Study

December 2017 Iraq: Joint Rapid Assessment of Markets in West Mosul

December 2017 Syria: Shelter and Non Food Item Assessment Report 

December 2017 Syria: Eastern Ghouta Situation Overview October 2017

December 2017 Jordan: Informing Refugees: Communication to and for Syrians in Jordan’s Host Communities

November 2017 Libya: Market Systems in Libya: Assessment of the Wheat Flour, Insulin, Tomato and Soap Supply Chains

November 2017 Spain: From Syria to Spain: Syrian Migration to Europe via Western Mediterranean route between 2015 and 2017

November 2017 Syria: Deir-ez-Zor Governorate – Situation Overview

November 2017 Libya: Derna Rapid Situation Overview

November 2017 Migration: Knowing How to Go: Iraqi asylum seekers and legal pathways to get to and stay in Europe

November 2017 Syria: Ar-Raqqa Crisis Overview: November 2016 – October 2017

October 2017 CAR: Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) Monthly Dashboard

October 2017 Afghanistan: Migration from Afghanistan to Europe (2014-2017)

October 2017 Libya: Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI)

October 2017 Libya: Sabratha Rapid Situation Overview

October 2017 Syria: Ar-Raqqa City – Situation Overview VI

September 2017 South Sudan: Bagarri Displacement and Food Security and Livelihoods Brief

September 2017 Iraq: Joint Price Monitoring Initiative

September 2017 Nigeria: Not Ready to Return: IDP Movement Intentions in Borno State

September 2017 Migration: Youth on the Move

September 2017 Libya: Multi Sector Needs Assessment – Location Factsheets

Libya: Multi Sector Needs Assessment – Sector Factsheets

September 2017 Iraq: Western Anbar (Ana, Ru’ua and Qa’im), Iraq – Rapid Humanitarian Overview

September 2017 Iraq:  Hawiga District, Iraq – Rapid Humanitarian Overview

September 2017 Syria: Deir-ez-Zor Governorate Situation Overview: Displacement and Intentions 

September 2017 Syria: Ar-Raqqa City, Syria – Situation Overview V

August 2017 Niger: Media and Telecommunications Landscape Guide

August 2017 Niger: Evaluation des mécanismes de redevabilité existants dans les sites de déplacés à Diffa

July 2017 Ukraine: Area Based Assessment in Government Controlled Areas within 5km of the Line of Contact

July 2017 Iraq: Comparative Multi-Cluster Assessment of Internally Displaced Persons Living in Camps

July 2017 South Sudan: Wau County Food Security and Livelihood Profile

July 2017 Syria: Ar-Raqqa City – Situation Overview III

June 2017 Iraq / Greece: Iraqi Migration to Europe in 2016: Profiles, Drivers and Return

June 2017  

Syria: Community Profiles Update – Besieged and Hard-to-Reach Areas (Overview)

Syria: Community Profiles Update – Besieged and Hard-to-Reach Areas (Individual Profiles)

June 2017 Greece / Italy: Children on the Move in Italy and Greece

June 2017 Jordan: Area-Based Livelihoods Assessment

June 2017 Syria: Ar-Raqqa City – Situation Overview

May 2017 Italy: Unaccompanied and Separated Eritrean Children Outside of the Reception System in Rome

May 2017 Italy: Unaccompanied and Separated Children from The Gambia in Italy

Italy: Unaccompanied and Separated Children from Egypt in Italy

Italy: Unaccompanied and Separated Children from Guinea Conakry in Italy

Italy: Unaccompanied and Separated Children from Nigeria in Italy

May 2017 Iraq: Mosul Offensive – Crisis Overview III

May 2017 Niger: Assessment of the Protection Situation of Displaced Populations in Diffa

May 2017 Syra: Camp Profile – Al Hol

May 2017 Syria: Deir-ez-Zor: Governorate Profile

April 2017 Somalia: Baidoa IDP Settlement Assessment

April 2017 Europe and Middle East: Separated Families: who stays, who goes and why?

March 2017 Greece: Perception of Access to Basic Services by Refugee and Migrant Children outside Accommodation Sites

March 2017 Ukraine: Thematic Assessment of Local Enterprises and Labour Markets in Eastern Ukraine

March 2017 DRC: Natural Resources and Cohabitation around Inké Refugee Camp

March 2017 Syria: Shelter and NFI Assessment

March 2017  

Syria: Community Profiles Update – Besieged and Hard-to-Reach Areas (Overview)

Syria: Community Profiles Update – Besieged and Hard-to-Reach Areas (Individual Profiles)

March 2017 Syria: Market Monitoring Exercise

March 2017 Iraq: Mosul Offensive – West Mosul Displacement and Needs Overview

February 2017 Italy: Unaccompanied and Separated Children in Transit in Ventimiglia

February 2017 Italy: Unaccompanied and Separated Children Dropping Out of the Primary Reception System

February 2017 Chad: Protection Assessment 

February 2017 Haiti: Rapid Assessment of Hard-to-Reach Areas

February 2017 Iraq: Mosul Offensive – Crisis Overview II

January 2017 Afghanistan: Multi-cluster Needs Assessment of Prolonged IDPs

January 2017 Occupied Palestinian Territories: Quantitative Outcome Evaluation of Gaza Shelter Response

January 2017 Afghanistan: Informal Settlement Food Security Assessment

January 2017 Afghanistan: Nangarhar Informal Settlement Profiling

December 2016 South Sudan: Conflict and Tensions Between Communities Around Gendrassa and Yusif Batil Camps, Maban County

December 2016 Afghanistan: Shelter Cluster Earthquake Response Evaluation Assessment

December 2016 Jordan: 2016 Comprehensive Food Security Monitoring Exercise (CFSME)

December 2016 Niger: Rapid Assessment of Protection Committees in the Diffa Region

December 2016 Somalia: Kismayo IDP Settlement Assessment

November 2016 Ukraine: Inter-Agency Vulnerability Assessment in Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts

November 2016 Syria: Situation Overview: Eastern Aleppo City, November 11, 2016

November 2016 Haiti: Rapid Assessment of 15 schools acting as collective shelters in Jérémie, 2 November 2016

Haiti: Évaluation rapide de 15 écoles tenant lieu de centres collectifs à Jérémie, le 2 novembre2016 

October 2016 Syria: Northern Syria Market Monitoring Exercise: January-August 2016

October 2016 Syria: Situation Overview: Eastern Aleppo City, October 14, 2016

September 2016 OPT: Lessons Learned from Gaza Shelter Response

September 2016 Syria: Situation Overview: Eastern Aleppo City, September 30, 2016

September 2016 Syria: Hasakeh Governorate Multi-Sector Needs Assessment 2016

September 2016 Syria: Situation Overview: Eastern Aleppo City, September 6, 2016

September 2016 South Sudan: Situation Overview: Displacement and Intentions in Greater Equatoria

September 2016 Niger: Evaluation Eau, Hygiène, Assainissement dans la région de Diffa

August 2016 Syria: Situation Overview: Eastern Aleppo City, August 30, 2016

August 2016 Syria: Situation Overview: Displacement from Hasakeh City, August 25, 2016

August 2016 Syria: Situation Overview: Eastern Aleppo City, August 18, 2016

August 2016 Iraq: Comparative Study of Internally Displaced Persons in Camps in Iraq

August 2016 Libya: REACH Multi-Sector Needs Assessment III

August 2016 Niger: Evaluation de Référence sur l’usage des combustibles domestiques dans la région de Diffa

July 2016 Iraq: Assessment of Eight Hard-To-Reach Areas in Iraq, 2015-2016

July 2016 Nepal: Monsoon Preparedness Assessment: 14 Earthquake affected Priority Districts and the Terai Districts

July 2016 Chad: Evaluation Multisectorielle dans la région du Lac Tchad

June 2016 Philippines: Phased Approach to Total Sanitation (PhATS) in Haiyan-affected areas – End-line assessment

June 2016 Iraq: Multi-Cluster Needs Assessment (III) of Internally Displaced Persons Outside Camps

June 2016 EU: Migration to Europe through the Western Balkans

June 2016 Iraq: Assessment of Informal IDP Sites in Centre and South Iraq

May 2016 South Sudan: WASH Baseline

May 2016 Philippines: Typhoon Hayian: Shelter Response Outcome Assessment

May 2016 Somalia:Somalia Initial Rapid Needs Assessment

iraq assessment

April 2016 Iraq: Baseline Assessment for Education Cash Transfer Programming for IDPs in Dahuk Governorate

April 2016 Syria: Displacement and Needs in Southwest Dar’a

March 2016  European Migration: March Situation Overview

March 2016 Chad: Multisectorial baseline report

aleppo report 3

March 2016 Western Balkans: Rapid assessment of the new border policies

February 2016 South Sudan: Unity State Situation Overview

February 2016 Libya: Multi-sector Needs update

aleppo report 3

February 2016 Syria: Displacement from Aleppo Governorate

aleppo city report

February 2016 Syria: Intentions and Displacement from Aleppo city

January 2016 Western Balkans: European Migration Crisis January Situation Overview


January 2016 Niger: Evaluation Rapide en Abris dans la Region de Diffa

January  2016 Iraq: Comparative Multi-Cluster Assessment of Internally Displaced Persons Living in Camps

Jordan cover

January 2016  Jordan: Jordan Emergency Services and Social Resilience Project (JESSRP) monitoring study 1
market monitoring report screengrab January 2016 Syria: Northern Syria Market Monitoring Exercise

January 2016 Myanmar: Joint Education Sector Needs Assessment, North Rakhine

January 2016 Nepal: Joint Assessment of Food Security, Livelihoods and Early Recovery